James and The Giant Peach

Producer: Upstage Centre Youth Theatre

Director: Matt Harper

Written by: David Wood

"It is no surprise that Roald Dahl books are loved the world over by young people - his stories allow the reader to interpret the world around them through imagination. The fantastical becomes achievable, the horrific becomes conquerable and the minuscule becomes GIANT. We have adopted this way of thinking to create our production of James and the Giant Peach - a street lamp becomes a peach tree, a coat hanger becomes a shark and an umbrella becomes the Empire State Building. Complete with a colourful lighting design by Tom Gardner, costumes by Diane Gibbon and a Quentin Blake worthy set and puppet design by Chris Gibbon, this is an exciting youth theatre production fit to mark Dahl's centenary year. The cast have used their imagination to bring this tale to life and we ask the audience to bring theirs with them too." - Matt Harper

 Photographs: Callum McLeod

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