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Interview in The Press (York)

Posted by Matt Harper on Sunday, May 22, 2011,

Every month York creative agency The Beautiful Meme holds a performance art showcase at its offices in Barleycorn Yard, Walmgate.

These ArtWork events are attracting an increasing number of spectators, drawn to artists sourced by the According To McGee gallery in Tower Street.

This evening the flame is passed to Cumbrian-born Matt Harper, who has cerebral palsy. Between 5pm and 8pm, he explores the stigmas attached to the disabled body and the prejudices connected to its aesthetic viewing. Plac...

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Could Disability Art be the next Glam Rock Era?

Posted by Matt Harper on Friday, May 6, 2011,

A Trace of Glitter

Whilst doing the research behind the iconography and discography of Incorection, I am delving quite heavily into

The slice of mascara. The lamé flash. The glistening bolt of cosmetic lightening. Bowie’s face on the cover of Aladdin Sane. (Haynes. 1998: x).

In other words the Glam Rock Revolution of the 1980s. Whether all involved were consciously aware or not, their fun loving, flamboyant outward energy shook the politics of the surrounding cultures interactions; It ...

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