Any Mother Would

Written and Directed by Matt Harper

Produced by Next Door But One

March 2017

Theatre 3, York St John University

"They’re all over the world; women that move molehills rather than mountains."

Much like David Attenborough shows his viewers the hidden, lovingly guarded, intimate moments of nature, 'Any Mother Would' does the same, but in a 3 bed detached in a rural cul-de-sac. Frances Towers is a Mother, Methodist and much loved Maverick and we are in her living room. In her nest made of photos, piles of paper, ornaments and nicknacks from years gone by, she busily flits from one job to the next whilst simultaneously caring for, amusing, aggravating and over-feeding her family. Sound quite normal? Well this is no ordinary woman - because there is no such thing! In the only way she can, she takes everything that her son, daughter and husband throw at her and constructs it into something that may be a bit rickety and slightly faulty in places, but it works.

Semi autobiographic and infused with stories shared with NDB1 over the years, Any Mother Would does not aim to revolutionise or reimagine family dynamics, but rather give time and importance to the forgotten or overlooked stories that create the tapestry of who we are.

Any Mother Would promises to be an amusing, relatable and heartwarming experience which sends you off home to tell your own stories.

There will be a playback theatre performance in between the matinee and evening performance on Sunday 12th March

All proceeds from tickets will go to Cancer Research UK

 'I can say that it has been a long while since I have seen such a heart-warming and intimate production at the theatre. I was emotionally nourished and I feel the whole audience detected that they were in a special place where they could feel nostalgically safe, retrospectively greedy in allowing the warm and fuzzy feelings to tingle their toes.'
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